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How it Works

Getting involved in a timber investment opportunity had been historically reserved for only large corporations or extremely wealthy individuals. This is primarily due to the overwhelming costs and maintenance of growing plantation trees. Our investment model allows you to reap the same benefits as these wealthy investors without the large capital outlay.

You can now purchase individual trees by the acre and maintain full ownership rights to the trees. Each tree you purchase is marked and GPS tagged so you can track each individual tree from purchase to market. Since we maintain the entire plantation, consisting of your trees as well as the trees of other investors, you benefit from the overall commercial value and lower maintenance costs of the entire plantation. Again, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a large investment opportunity without the risks.

Our planting process allows for a 20-25 year final harvest (depending on the species Teak is 20 while Mahogany is 25). Since you own the trees and they increase in value each year, you can keep your investment for the full term or sell your trees at any time. Obviously the value of a fully matured tree is higher than that of a 10 year old tree but having the option of “cashing out” on your investment at any time is certainly attractive in its own regard.

Investment Model

The return on an investment (ROI) in hardwoods depends on a combination of two factors:

#1 Value of the Trees


First is the increase in the value of the trees based on their size. Tree sizes increase at approximately 6 % per year due to the natural biological tree growth. The trees grow quickly and as a result, they become more valuable each year that they age. As a natural commodity, your trees grow every year, and therefore their value keeps increasing. Natural tree growth means that the volume of wood that each tree produces increases by up to 6 % each year.

#2 Rising Price of Wood


Second is the increase in the value and price of hardwoods. Wood prices have been rising steadily for years and that trend is expected to continue well into the future. Especially as the world’s population and resulting demand for wood continues to expand exponentially.Assuming  even a conservative increase in the price of wood combined with the biological growth in the wood itself combines to add an impressive return.

Grow Your Money


Highly prized for its beauty, strength and durability the demand for hardwoods will always be rising. Your investment grows in two ways. The value of the final product grows with demand and the actual trees grow at the same time. As you can see, at Belize Hardwoods, we truly do “Grow Your Money”.

What We Do

We scout the world’s perfect locations to grow the best long-term investment crops, primarily hardwoods like teak and mahogany.

Using our knowledge and local skilled labor, our site selection and preparation is the first step in producing the best quality and highest value timber products on the market. Without the ideal site selection and preparation, the end result may not be as desirable or valuable. This is just one of the many reasons why we consistently produce the most valuable hardwoods on the market today.

Commodity Charts

Historic Wood Values


According to the United Nations FAO publication ‘Forest Products Prices’, the median export/import prices of teak rose at an average rate of 9.7% per year for 18 years from 1970 to 1988 (the last year of the report), and 13.2% per year for the last four years of the report. Teak prices have clearly been rising at a rate greater than the 9% used in our projections.

Recession Proof


Since trees only get more valuable with age they have a strong resistance to recession. Although hardwood prices rise annually, you are not forced to harvest at any particular time. Unlike other crops like cacao or coconuts that need to be harvested when ripe, you can harvest your trees based on the best particular time in the market creating an incredible advantage.

Your Investment Guarantee

We guarantee all our trees for the first 3 years after planting. If anything happens to them within that period we will replant for you at NO cost. With this guarantee you cannot lose your initial investment if your trees die or become diseased. Teak is one of the heartiest species of trees and is very resilient to insects and diseases, once fully rooted even fires won’t damage them. However it does take upwards of three years until they are fully rooted.

Timber as an Investment

“Indeed, as an asset class, timber – a renewable resource with constant product demand – stands out as a remarkably stable investment.”


Wealth Manager

“Over the last 40 years timber investments have returned 13.3% versus an 11.6% return for the S&P 500 index over the same time frame.”


Smart Money
October 11, 2001

“Inflation has an inverse effect on timber prices, increasing the return on investment.  Timber has historically risen 3.3% over the rate of inflation.”


The Investment U
January 7, 2005

“Timber returns beat stocks from 1990 through 2007… with less volatility.”

“Between 1971 and 2010, timber boasted average annual returns of over 14%. That’s enough to turn $10,000 into more than $1.5 million.”

“Timber – a renewable resource with constant product demand – stands out as a remarkably stable investment.”


Bloomberg Wealth Manager

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